Lecture Notes for PH507


There will be three take-home test during the course. They are in weeks 15, 22, 24. Actual dates/times to be confirmed.

Weekly Assignments:

There might be some additional assignments during the course which will be posted here or on Moodle.

Lecture Notes:

Below are the notes from previous years. They will be updated before the teaching of the course starts.

Weeks 13-15: Dr Froebrich
Measuring Distances and Magnitudes
Measuring Masses and Binary Stars

Weeks 16/17: Prof. Smith

Exoplanets, Black Body Radiation; Material will be on Moodle

Weeks 18/19: Dr Froebrich
Telescopes and detectors
     2.1. Telescopes
     2.2. Radio Wave Detectors
     2.3. Infrared Detectors
     2.4. CCD Cameras or (pdf)
     (2.5. Exotic Detectors and selected Telescopes/Missions)

Weeks 20/21: Dr.Miao

Stellar Structure; Material will be on Moodle

Weeks 22-24: Prof. Smith

Radiative Transfer, Stellar Evolution, Star Formation; Material will be on Moodle