Lecture Notes for PH503 (Atomic Physics part)


There will be weekly assignments for the lectures. The sheets will indicate to date/time of return. Solutions will be discussed in one of the lectures.

Week 16 assignment
Week 17 assignment
Week 18 assignment
Week 19 assignment


There will be one class test on atomic physics in week21.

Lecture Notes:

A copy of my hand written notes can be found here (11MB!).
Additional notes on:
   Basics, H-atom, atomic processes
   Electric Dipole Transition Rules
   Zeeman Effect
   Stern-Gerlach Experiment, Spin
   Addition of Angular Moments
   LS and JJ Coupling
   Lande Factor, anomalous Zeeman effect
   X-Ray spectra
   Complex Atoms, Pauli Principle
   Alkali Atoms
   General Pauli Principle