PH301 - Physics

The lectures are based on Tipler Mosca.
Weekly homework sheets will be posted here and are supposed to be done within one week, unless otherwise specified. We will check your workings during the workshops and discuss the solutions. Attendence in lectures, workshops, as well as trying to solve the weekly homeworks is mandatory. We will do random checks of attendence and the homework solutions throughout the course. Random 'mini tests' in the workshops will also be held. A PASS for the weekly assignments and mini test is a mandatory component of the course.

Additional course details can be found here.

There will be six written class tests during the weeks 7, 10, 12, 16, 21, and 24!

Lecture notes for term1 (handwritten copy) are posted here:
Note that references to pages and chapters in Tipler refer to the 5th edition only.

File1 (Vectors)
File2 (Motion in 1D, 3D)
File3 (Newtons Laws, Work, Kinetic + Potential Energy)
File4 (Conservation of Energy, Systems of Particles, Collisions)
File5 (Rotation, Gravity)
File6 (Oscillations)
File7 (Static Equilibrium and Elasticity, Interatomic Forces)
File8 (Fluids)
File9 (Thermodynamics)

Lecture notes for term2 will be available on Moodle.

Homework sheets and solutions will be posted here:

Questions for week4     Solutions for week4
Questions for week5     Solutions for week5
Questions for week6     Solutions for week6
Questions for week7     Solutions for week7
Questions for week8     Solutions for week8
Questions for week9     Solutions for week9
Questions for week10     Solutions for week10
Questions for week11     Solutions for week11
Questions for week12     Solutions for week12

There will be four workshop groups.

Make sure your are in the correct group!