Milky Way Astrophysics from Wide-Field Surveys

Science Rational

The workshop will bring together ~90 scientists working on various aspects of astrophysics in the Milky Way, who utilise large, multi-wavelengths, wide-field surveys in their work. The science topics encompass the interstellar medium, the formation of stars, supernovae, late evolutionary stages of stars (asymptotic giant branch stars and planetary nebulae), low mass stars and brown dwarfs, stellar clusters as well as Galactic structure.

We aim to bring together people from SEPNET, the rest of the UK community, as well as experts from Europe and overseas, to foster the exchange of knowledge and expertise on these large valuable datasets. This will include talks on various large wide-field surveys such as e.g. IPHAS, VPHAS+, GAIA, UKIDSS, VVV, UWISH2(-E), UWIFE, Spitzer Glimpse, DeepGlimpse, GBS, WISE, AKARI, Herschel GPS, JPS, LOFAR, etc., covering the entire astrophysical useful part of the electromagnetic spectrum.

The detailed scientific program of the workshop will only be made, once the registration has been finalised. However, the draft program will consist of the following sessions:

1) Wide-Field Surveys; PIs or leading members of large scale surveys are strongly encouraged to present a short overview of their data and science results;

2) Star Formation and Massive Stars; incl. molecular clouds, young stars, jets and outflows, etc.;

3) Late Stages of Stellar Evolution; incl. Asymptotic Giant Branch stars, Planetary nebulae, Supernovae, white dwarfs, etc.;

4) Star Clusters and Low Mass Objects; incl. low-mass stars and brown dwarfs, stellar clusters and associations, stellar streams and local dwarf galaxies, etc.;