Milky Way Astrophysics from Wide-Field Surveys


Below is our talk schedule for the workshop.


09.30-10.00Arrival and Registration
SESSION 1: Wide-Field Surveys
Chair: Tim Gledhill
10.10-10.25Philip LucasGPS & VVV
10.25-10.40Dirk FroebrichUWISH2
10:40-10.50Jae-Joon LeeUWIFE
10.50-11.00Kim YesolUWIFE Extended Source Catalog
11.00-11.15Janet DrewThe EGAPS surveys
11.15-11.30Geert BarentsenIPHAS & VPHAS+ Catalogs
11.30-11.45Mike IrwinThe ESO VST ATLAS view of the Milky Way Halo
11.45-12.00Nicholas CrossStudying the Milky Way using the WFAU Archives (+user demo)
Chair: Mark Thompson
13.30-13.55Melvin HoareRadio continuum surveys of the Galactic Plane
13.55-14.10Danielle FenechThe e-MERLIN Cyg OB2 Radio Survey
14.10-14.25Angela TaylorThe C-Band All Sky Survey (Owens Valley + Karoo)
14.25-14.40Kengo TachiharaThe NANTEN2 Super CO survey
SESSION 2: ISM, star formation and massive stars
14.40-15.05James UrquhartThe formation of massive stars and ATLASGAL
15.05-15.35TEA & COFFEE
Chair: Dirk Froebrich
15.35-16.00Sally MakinStar formation in Cygnus X: A systematic search for young stellar outflows
16.00-16.20Antonio ChrysostomouMethanol Maser Associated Outflows: their properties and their place in high mass SF
16.20-16.40Chris Brunt12CO and 13CO as tracers of H2 in the Milky Way
16.40-17.05Sarah KendrewThe Milky Way Project


SESSION 2: continued
Chair: Jochen Eislöffel
10.00-10.25Jenny HatchellThe JCMT Gould Belt survey
10.25-10.40Alessio TraficanteThe catalogue of starless and protostellar clumps associated with IRDCs in the Galactic range 15<l<55
10.40-10.55Hyun-Jeong KimStar Formation in the Long Infrared Dark Cloud IRDC G53.2
10.55-11.10Damian RumbleJCMT GBS: Evidence for radiative heating in MWC 297 and its influence on local star formation
11.10-11.25Carlos ContrerasExtreme Variables in Star Forming Regions
11.25-11.40Carlos LopesNew Indices for Selection of Variables
Chair: Melvin Hoare
13.00-13.25Rene OudmaijerThe formation of massive stars
13.25-13.50Jorick VinkYoung stars and massive stars in young clusters
13.50-14.05Michael Mohr-SmithNew OB star candidates in the Carina Arm around Westerlund 2
14.05-14.20Chien-Cheng LinIdentification of Be Stars from LAMOST
14.20-14.35Istvan DekanyThe other side of the Milky Way: The VVV Galactic Cepheid Program
14.35-14.50Simon ClarkYoung Massive Clusters and starburst activity in the Milky Way
14.50-15.20TEA & COFFEE
SESSION 3: Late stages of stellar evolution
Chair: Delphine Russeil
15.20-15.45Bon-Chul KooInfrared Supernova Remnants
15.45-16.10Romano CorradiTowards a complete census of planetary nebulae, symbiotic stars and related systems in the Milky Way
16.10-16.25David JonesThe contribution of Wide-Field surveys to the search for planetary nebulae with binary central stars
16.25-16.40Stuart Sale3D extinction mapping using Gaussian random fields
16.40-16.55Michael BarlowIPHAS Planetary Nebula Halpha fluxes and extinction distances
16.55-17.10Jon ReesBayesian Extinction Fitting - The Age of Taurus


SESSION 3: continued
Chair: Mike Barlow
10.00-10.25Iain McDonaldPulsation, dust and death: the story of stellar demise as told by wide field surveys
10.25-10.50Mikako MatsuuraWhat can we learn of AGB evolution from surveys of the Milky Way and the satellite galaxies?
10.50-11.05Tim GledhillMolecular hydrogen emission in PNe
11.05-11.20JJ HermesDigging in the stellar graveyard with wide-field, multi-wavelength surveys
11.20-11.35Roberto RaddiFaint white dwarfs in the Galactic Plane
11.35-11.50Christopher BrittThe Chandra Galactic Bulge Survey
SESSION 4: Star Clusters and Low Mass Objects
Chair: Yvonne Unruh
13.15-13.30Tjibaria PijlooThe EGAPS Open Cluster Catalogue
13.30-13.45Anne BucknerScale Height Evolution of Open Clusters
13.45-14.10Rob JeffriesLow mass stars and star clusters in the GES
14.10-14.25Nick WrightStar Cluster Kinematics from Galactic Plane Surveys
14.25-14.40Venu KalariPre-main sequence candidates and their properties from VPHAS+
14.40-15.05Sandy LeggettSky surveys and the bottom of the main sequence
15.05-15.35TEA & COFFEE
Chair: Bon-Chul Koo
15.35-16.00Alexander ScholzBrown dwarfs and planemos in star forming regions
16.00-16.15Niall DeaconSubstellar science with Pan-STARRS1
16.15-16.30Leigh SmithPrecise proper motions and parallaxes in the Galactic mid-plane with the VVV survey
SESSION 1: Resumed - surveys coming soon
16.30-16.45Chris PearsonFar Infrared Surveys of the Galactic Plane from Space - Herschel and the future
16.45-17.00Cecilia Farina4.2-m diameter, 2-degrees FoV, 1000 fibres: WEAVE at the WHT
17.00-17.15Closing Remarks