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August 2016
Star Formation 2016
Exeter, UK
Talk: Photometric Monitoring of nearby young Clusters as a Citizen Science Project
Poster: Photometric Monitoring of nearby young Clusters as a Citizen Science Project
Talk: Classifying HII Regions Using Shape Analysis of IR Bubbles (presented by Justyn Campbell-White)
Poster: Can HII regions be classified using shape analysis of infrared bubbles? (presented by Justyn Campbell-White)
Poster: Hunting young stellar outflows with UWISH2: Census of Cygnus X and Auriga (presented by Sally Makin)
April 2016
Workshop: The Structure of the Milky Way
Canterbury, UK
Talk: Ongoing star formation in Cygnus X (presented by Sally Makin)
Talk: Shape analysis of HII regions (presented by Justyn Campbell-White)
April 2015
Exchanging Mass, Momentum and Ideas: Connecting Accretion and Outflows in Young Stellar Objects
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
Poster: Star formation in Cygnus X: Hunting young stellar outflows with UWISH2 (presented by Sally Makin)
April 2015
BAA Spring Meeting
Ashford, UK
Talk: Hunting for Eruptive Young Stellar Objects
March 2015
Milky Way Astrophysics from Wide-Field Surveys
London, UK
Talk: UWISH2
June 2014
MODEST 14: The dance of stars: dense stellar systems from infant to old
Bad Honnef, Germany
Poster: Scale Height Evolution of Star Clusters (presented by A.Buckner)
March 2014
GAIA Variables Follow-up Workshop
Liverpool John Moores University, UK
Talk: FU-Ori objects in the infrared
July 2013
Protostars and Planets VI
Heidelberg, Germany
Poster: UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2
August 2012
IAU General Assembly
Beijing, China
Vortrag/Talk: Search for and Characterisation of obscured and distant stellar clusters
Poster: UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2
June 2012
Science from UKIDSS IV Meeting
Royal Observatory Edinburgh, UK
Vortrag/Talk: UWISH2 - Overview and Results
March 2012
National Astronomy Meeting
University of Manchester, UK
Vortrag/Talk: H2 Outflows in Serpens and Aquila from UWISH2 (given by G.Ioannidis)
Poster: A new method to determine star cluster distances? (presented by A.Buckner)
July 2011
Optical/IR Galactic Plane Surveys Meeting
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK
Vortrag/Talk: UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2
October 2010
Big Science with Small Telescopes
Thuringian State Observatory, Tautenburg, Germany
Vortrag/Talk: UKIRT Widefield Infrared Survey for H2 (given by B. Stecklum)
October 2009
Interstellar Matter and Star Formation - A Multi-Wavelength Perspective - Workshop
TIFR National Balloon Facility, Hyderabad, India
Vortrag/Talk: The Structure of Molecular Clouds
September 2009
UV radiation triggered Star Formation - Workshop
University of Kent, UK
December 2008
Science from UKIDSS II - Workshop
RAS London, UK
Vortrag/Talk: Characterising the properties and structures of (young) star clusters and molecular clouds with UKIDSS
September 2008
New Challenges to European Astronomy
Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting (JENAM2008)
University of Vienna, Austria
Vortrag/Talk: Do we know all the Milky Way Globular Clusters?
Poster: Exploitation of 2MASS: An All Sky Near Infrared Extinction Map
April 2008
GPS Cluster group meeting
University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK
Vortrag/Talk: Cluster Research at Kent
July 2007
12 Questions on Star and Massive Star Cluster Formation
ESO Workshop, Garching, Germany
Vortrag/Talk: Introduction Question VI: What governs protostellar mass accretion
May 2007
JetSET observers workshop
Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: Summary talk about recent research and prospects of near/mid-term future star formation research
April 2007
NAM Conference
University of Central Lancashire, UK
Vortrag/Talk: The search for and the discovery of a new Globular Cluster in the inner Milky Way
Vortrag/Talk: Protostellar Evolution
August 2006
Early Phases of Star Formation
Ringberg Castle, Germany
Vortrag/Talk: Protostellar Evolution - Confronting Models and Observations
May 2006
ASGI Meeting
Cork, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: 2MASS selected star clusters with |b|<20degr
January 2006
European School on Jets from Young Stars: Models and Constraints
Villard de Lans, France
November 2005
Protostars and Planets V
The Big Island, Hawai'i, USA
Poster: Comparing properties of Class0 protostars with model predictions
Poster: Accuracy in the determination of the NIR extinction powerlaw index
November 2005
ASGI Conference
Dublin City University, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: Star Formation in the small cloud IC1396W
April 2005
ASGI/Cosmo Grid Conference 2005
National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: Understanding protostellar mass accretion - a statistical approach
Poster: Grid-Enabled Extinction Mapping
Jan 2005
Cosmo Grid Conference 2005
University College Dublin, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: Observing the Galaxy through the Grid
Poster: Grid-Enabled Extinction Mapping
Oct 2004
Workshop on Jets and Star Formation
Armagh, Northern Ireland
Jul 2004
Cores, Disks, Jets & Outflows in Low & High Mass Stars Forming Environments; Observations, Theory & Simulations
Banff, Canada
Vortrag/Talk: Is there a law governing protostellar accretion?
Poster: A galactic plane extinction map obtained from 2MASS - An "Embarrassingly Parallel Problem"
Poster: Physical Properties and Structure of Class0 sources
Poster: Parsec-Scale Optical Outflows
Apr 2004
EGEE/CosmoGrid Conference
Cork, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: Improving Extinction Map Resolution
Apr 2004
ASGI Meeting
Armagh, Norhern Ireland
Nov 2003
Cosmogrid meeting
Kilkenny, Ireland
Vortrag/Talk: Research plans using Cosmogrid
Aug 2003
New Deal in European Astronomy: Trends and Perspectives
Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting (JENAM2003); Minisymposium 'The Earliest Phases of Star Formation'
Budapest, Hungary
Vortrag/Talk: Modelling of the continuum emission from Class 0 sources
Poster: The enigmatic outflow alignments in small Globules - a Case-Study of IC 1396 W
Sep 2002
The Cosmic Circuit of Matter
Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft
Berlin, Deutschland
Vortrag/Talk: New observational constraints for the unified model of Class 0 objects and their associated outflows
Sep 2002
The unsolved Universe: Challenges for the Future
Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting (JENAM2002); Workshop 'Jets2002: Theory and Observations'
Porto, Portugal
Vortrag/Talk: Shocks in Protostellar Outflows
Nov 2001
Physik der Sternentstehung
Abschlußkolloquium des DFG Schwerpunktes 'Physik der Sternentstehung'
Bad Honnef, Deutschland
Vortrag/Talk: Molecular Shocks in Protostellar outflows
Sep 2001
Five Days of Creation: Astronomy with Large Telescopes from Ground and Space
Joint European and National Astronomical Meeting (JENAM2001)
München, Deutschland
Poster: Shocks in Molecular Outflows --- A model for simultaneous interpretation of H-band-, K-band-, ISOCAM-CVF- and ISO-LWS-spectra of Cep E
Poster: An Unbiased Search for Molecular Hydrogen Outflows in the Orion B Star Forming Region
Poster: Submillimetre Imaging of Deeply Embedded Outflow Sources and Class 0 Sources
Oct 2000
Physik der Sternentstehung
Jährliches Kolloqium des DFG Schwerpunktes 'Physik der Sternentstehung'
Bad Honnef, Deutschland
Vortrag/Talk: FIR spectroscopy of molecular outflows with ISO
Sep 2000
Dynamic Stability and Instabilities in the Universe
Jahrestagung der Astronomischen Gesellschaft
Bremen, Deutschland
Vortrag/Talk: FIR observations of molecular outflows
Dec 1999
Extrasolare Planeten
Tautenburg, Jena, Deutschland
Dec 1999
Frühphasen der Sternentstehung
Tautenburg, Deutschland
Mar 1999
Otical and infrared spectoscopy of circumstellar matter
Workshop zu Ehren des 65 Geburtstages von Josef Solf
Tautenburg, Deutschland