CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; AY 2016/17

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Date Location Time Speaker Title Affiliation
10 May ILT 14:00 Didier Queloz Exoplanets, on the hunt of Universal life University of Cambridge.
04 April KS6 16:05 Chris Lynch Modelling outflow scenarios for T-Tauri Star HH30: morphology and synthetic observations Kent
29 March ILT 14:00 Justin Read Near-field Cosmology University of Surrey.
28 March KS6 16:05 Agata Rożek Shape and spin-state modelling of the NEA (85990) 1999 JV6 from radar and optical observations Kent
21 March PS110 16:05 Sam Billington The RMS Survey - Ammonia Mapping of the Galactic Plane Kent
14 March PS110 16:05 Tanveer Bhachu Filament Structure Formation in Different Astrophysical Environments Kent
07 March PS110 16:05 James New Enceladus Plume Ice Kent
28 February KS6 16:05 Nanda Kumar The formation of O-stars: a high-resolution view University of Hertfordshire.
21 February PS110 16:05 Luke Alesbrook Micrometeorites Kent
14 February PS110 16:05 No Meeting - -
07 February PS110 16:05 Justyn Campbell-White Classifying HII regions using multi-wavelength shape analysis Kent
31 January PS110 16:05 Jingqi Miao Simulations of Clouds Kent
24 January KS6 16:05 Duncan MacKay Astro-Poetical Knowledge Kent.
17 January PS110 16:05 Jamie Wickham-Eade Raman Identification of Olivine Grains in Fine Grained Mineral Assemblages Kent
13 December KS6 16:05 Mark Price The Kent LGG Kent
06 December KS6 16:05 Sally Makin Jets and Outflow in CygnusX Kent
29 November PS110 16:05 James Urquhart GP Radio Surveys Kent
22 November PS110 16:05 No Meeting - -
15 November PS110 16:05 Kathryn McDermott Space Weathering, What is it and how we can study its effects on planetary materials Kent.
08 November PS110 16:05 Victoria Mason Public Engagement and Stargazing Live Kent
01 November PS110 16:05 Ricky Hibbert The Light Gas Gun: Upcoming Upgrades Kent
25 October PS110 16:05 No meeting - -
18 October PS110 16:05 Igor Novikov Planetary Nebulae Kent
11 October PS110 16:05 Michael Smith The origin of Musca filaments Kent
04 October PS110 16:05 Dirk Froebrich The Beacon Observatory - Update and first Science Results Kent

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; AY 2015/16

Date Location Time Speaker Title Affiliation
07 June PS110 14:00 Keith Hawkins Dissecting the Milky Way Using Large Spectroscopic surveys Cambridge
24 May PS110 16:05 Luke Alesbrook Micrometeorite detection Kent
05 April PS110 16:05 Lewis Dartnell Astrobiology on Mars: detecting signs of life and their degradation by cosmic radiation Kent
29 March I316 16:05 No Talk
23 March ILT 14:00 Kathy Romer Dark Energy: Might the Universe have been playing tricks on us? University of Sussex.
22 March PS110 16:05 Tarik Zegmott tba Kent
15 March PS110 16:05 Justyn Campbell-White Classifying HII regions using shape analysis of IR bubbles Kent
08 March PS110 16:05 No Talk
01 March KS23 16:05 Nisha Ramkissoon Impact effects on volatile bearing minerals Kent
23 February PS110 16:05 Karen Masters Galaxy Zoo: Citizen Science for Research Portsmouth.
16 February PS110 16:05 Jingqi Miao Evolution of molecular clouds in PDR regions Kent
09 February PS110 16:05 Duncan MacKay Sparkling Cyanide as an Astrophysical probe Kent.
02 February PS110 16:05 Michael Smith The Shaping of Multipolar Pre-Planetary Nebula by Multi-directional Bullets Kent
26 January PS110 16:05 Mark Price Examining impact residues using SPS' new EDX detector system Kent
19 January PS110 16:05 Justin Donohoe Extragalactic Jets Kent
15 December PS110 16:05 Sally Makin Cygnus Jets vs. Auriga Outflows Kent
08 December KS23 16:05 James Urquhart Galactic Star Formation and the Structure of the Milky Way Kent
01 December PS110 16:05 Kathryn McDermott tba Kent
25 November ILT 14:00 Glenn White Understanding our filamentary origins Open University.
24 November KS23 16:05 Penelope Wozniakiewicz Collecting Micrometeorites Kent.
17 November PS110 16:05 Chris Lynch Outflow Scenarios in T-Tauri star HH30 Kent
10 November PS110 16:05 Michael Knight H2 in Jets Kent
04 November JLT 18:00 Dr Amelie Saintonge Radio Astronomy
03 November PS110 16:05 Ricky Hibbert Does Temperature alter the Raman Spectra of Minerals Kent.
27 October PS110 16:05 James New Orbital Debris Sensors Kent
20 October PS110 16:05 Igor Novikov Planetary Nebulae Kent
16 October PS110 11:05 Martin A. Guerrero Near- and Mid-IR H2 emission from planetary nebulae Instituto de Astrofisica de Andalucia.
13 October PS110 16:05 Jamie Wickham-Eade Fragmentation of Basalt Projectiles in Hypervelocity Impacts Kent
06 October PS110 16:05 Dirk Froebrich The Beacon Observatory Kent
29 September Lab4 16:05 All AGM Kent

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; AY 2014/15

Date Location Time Speaker Title Affiliation
12 May PS110 16:05 Chrysa Avdellidou tba Kent
31 March Stacey LT2 16:05 Jenna-Louise Pasini tba Kent .
24 March PS110 16:05 Sally Makin /
Justyn Campbell-White
Jets in CygnusX /
PN in the Galactic Plane
Kent .
17 March RLT1 19:00 Geoff Macdonald The Story of Radio Astronomy -- a personal view Kent .
17 March PS110 16:05 Jingqi Miao Formation of BRCs of different morphology Kent
10 March PS110 16:05 Agata Makiela Radar observations of asteroids Kent
03 March Stacey LT2 16:05 Duncan MacKay G34.26+0.15: A star formation case study Kent .
24 February PS110 16:05 Michael Smith Oh no not jets again Kent
17 February PS110 16:05 Mark Price Using Raman mapping to determine hypervelocity impact peak shock pressures in high purity silicon, germanium, gallium arsenide and peridot (olivine) targets Kent
10 February PS110 16:05 Justin Donohoe The Morphology of Galactic Jets Kent
03 February PS110 16:05 Chris Lynch Simulation of the Optical Jet from HH30 Kent
27 January PS110 16:05 Nisha Ramkissoon Mass Extinctions and Impacts Kent
20 January PS110 16:05 Michael Knight Fermi Bubbles Kent .
16 December PS110 16:05 Ben Rozitis Cohesive forces in a rubble-pile asteroid University of Tennessee .
16 December PS110 14:05 Anthony Whitworth Star Formation and the Role of Feedback University of Cardiff .
09 December PS110 16:05 Apostolis Christou Martian Trojan asteroids: A new feature of the inner solar system Armagh Observatory .
02 December PS110 16:05 Igor Novikov Short lived episode during rapid evolution of intermediate mass stars Kent
25 November PS110 16:05 Aurora Sicilia-Aguilar Herschel views of star formation and protoplanetary disks University of St. Andrews .
18 November PS110 16:05 Thomas Haworth Synthetic observations of star forming regions University of Camebridge .
11 November PS110 16:05 Timothy Kinnear The TOR HPC system Kent .
04 November PS110 16:05 Mark Burchell Fossils on the Moon Kent .
28 October PS110 16:05 Jakob Deller Simulations of impacts on rubble pile astroids Kent .
21 October PS110 16:05 Marco Delbo Burning Asteroids with the light of the Sun Observatoire de la côte d'Azur, Nice .
14 October RDC-G22 16:05 Dirk Froebrich The Beacon Observatory Kent
07 October RDC-G22 16:05 John Hillier Cassini's Cosmic Dust Analyser - Modelling, Calibration and Flight Data Kent
30 September RLT1 19:30 Giovanna Tinetti Galactic Planetary Science UCL .
30 September RDC-G22 16:05 All AGM Kent .

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; AY 2013/14

Date Location Time Speaker Title Affiliation
17 June PSLT/ILT 14:00 Mark Gieles The origin of the Milky Way globular clusters University of Surrey
27 May PS110 16:05 Lawrence Yolland Smashing fossils in hypervelocity impacts Kent
20 May PS110 16:05 Karl Landers Hypervelocity impacts onto a ice sphere with a liquid core Kent
13 May GLT1 12:30 misc. incl. Dirk Froebrich Sciences Research Festival 2014 Kent
25 March PS110 16:05 Guido Roberts-Borsani Searching for Compositional Variation Across the Surface of a Near-Earth Asteroid Kent
18 March PS110 16:05 Ricky Hibbert The Evolution of Impact Ejecta Patterns onto Metal Witness Plates from Hypervelocity Impacts Kent
11 March PS110 16:05 Kathryn McDermott The Basalt Adventure Kent
04 March JS2 16:05 Justin Donohoe Radio Galaxy Jets Classification Kent
26 February PSLT/ILT 14:00 Neil Bowles Exploring the Moon in the thermal infrared: A tale of temperature extremes Oxford University
25 February PS110 16:05 Manda Banerji The Co-evolution of Galaxies and their Supermassive Black-Holes: Insights from New Wide-Field Galaxy Surveys UCL
18 February PS110 16:05 Anne Buckner Scale Height Evolution of Star Clusters Kent
11 February PS110 16:05 Duncan MacKay G34.26+0.15 or not? Kent
04 February PS110 16:05 Dirk Froebrich How to assemble a star? Kent
29 January PSLT/ILT 14:00 John C. Bridges What we Have Learnt About Mars From The Curiosity Rover Leicester University
21 January PS110 16:05 Dina Pasini Survival of Tardigrade Hypsibius Dujardini in Hypervelocity Impact Events up to velocities of 3.23km/s Kent
20 January RLT1 19:30 Ray Jayawardhana THE NEUTRINO HUNTERS: The Chase for the Ghost particle and the Secrets of the Universe University of Toronto
18 December PSLT (ILT) 14:00 Guillem Anglada Doppler detection of low-mass, multi-planet systems around nearby stars Queen Mary, University of London
10 December PS110 16:05 Tim Kinnear High resolution results for the evolution of inclined prolate clouds at HII boundaries Kent
03 December PS110 16:05 Alexander Scholz Young brown dwarfs: testing star and planet formation University of St. Andrews
26 November PS110 16:05 Nisha Ramkissoon The devolatilisation of minerals as a result of hypervelocity impacts Kent
19 November PS110 16:05 Agata Makiela Shape and rotation modeling and thermophysical analysis of Near-Earth Asteroid (1917) Cuyo Kent
12 November PS110 16:05 Mark Price Shock synthesis of complex organic molecules from ice mixtures Kent
05 November PSLT (ILT) 16:05 Chris Lynch Numerical Simulations of the HH30 Jet Kent
29 October PS110 16:05 Michael Smith How do massive stars form? Kent
22 October PS110 16:05 Jingqi Miao The evolution of a prolate cloud at an HII boundary Kent
15 October PSLT (ILT) 16:05 Chrysa Avdellidou KOI-676: An active star with at least two planets Kent
08 October PSLT (ILT) 16:05 Michael Knight Jets - Are velocity pulsations necessary? Kent
01 October PSLT (ILT) 16:00 Mark Burchell Fossils from Space? Kent

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; Summer 2013

Tue 10 September PS110 16:00 Anne Buckner Automatic Distance and Extinction Determination of Star Clusters Kent
Tue 23 July PS110 16:00 Kathryn McDermott From Volcanics to Impacts Kent
Tue 02 July PS110 16:00 Justin Donohoe The Morphology of Radio Galaxy Jets Kent
Tue 11 June BLT2 16:00 Dirk Froebrich Main Sequence Properties of Red Supergiant Clusters Kent
Tue 04 June PS110 16:00 Andy Morris Catastrophic Disruption Revisited and Variable Temperature Impacts Kent
Tue 28 May PS110 16:00 Dina Pasini Panspermia and the survival of Phytoplankton in hypervelocity impact events upto 6 km/s Kent
Tue 21 May PS110 16:00 Dirk Froebrich Roemer and the speed of light Kent
Tue 14 May PS110 16:00 Tim Kinnear Treatment of ionising radiation in radiative driven implosion Kent
Tue 07 May PSLT 14:00 Ludwig Shock Wave Logic: Exploring Art & Cosmos Poiesis Toulouse

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; Autumn 2012 / Spring 2013

date location time   speaker   title   affiliation
Tue 25 Sep Lab 4 16:00 Michael Smith AGM Kent
Tue 02 Oct JS2 16:00 Jakob Deller SPH modelling of the cratering event on asteroid Steins Kent
Tue 09 Oct JS2 16:00 Michael Smith Protostellar Evolution: feeding and feedback from massive stars Kent
Tue 16 Oct SPS110 16:00 Jingqi Miao The beauty of RDI mechanism: different structures formation at HII regions + discussion of: 1208.6114 Kent
Tue 23 Oct - - - NO CAPS -
Tue 23 Oct RLT1 19:30 David Berman KPC Lecture:
Theoretical Physics
and String Theory
QMUL, London
Tue 30 Oct SPS110 16:00 Paul Cornwall Possible: 1209.3346 Kent
Tue 06 Nov SPS110 16:00 Sam Duddy TBA Kent
Tue 13 Nov SPS110 16:00 Tim Kinnear postponed Kent
Tue 20 Nov SPS110 16:00 Irakli
Frozen PAHs in the Universe from Comets to Nebula Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia
Tue 20 Nov RLT1 19:30 Suzanne Agraine KPC Lecture:
Exploring the Diversity of Exoplanets
Wed 21 Nov SPS110 15:00 Thomas Bisbas Star Formation Topic Cardiff
Tue 27 Nov - - - NO CAPS -
Tue 11 Dec SPS110 16:00 postponed - Kent
Tue 15 Jan SPS110 16:00 Sam Duddy Characterization of Unbound Asteroid Pairs Kent
Tue 22 Jan SPS110 16:00 Michael Smith UMBHs and Jets on Mars Kent
Tue 29 Jan SPS110 16:00 Anne Buckner Stellar Clusters: Automated Distance and Extinction Estimates Kent
Tue 05 Feb SPS110 16:00 Mark Price Investigation of high strain rates on crater morphology
Impact devolitisation of basalts and gypsum: implications for methane on Mars
Tue 12 Feb SPS110 16:00 Not Schedules - Kent
Tue 19 Feb SPS110 16:00 Chris Lynch TBA Kent
Tue 26 Feb I316 - Penny Wozniakiewicz - -
Tue 05 Mar SPS110 16:00 Chris Davis - Outflows as tracers of star formation: .... Liverpool JMU
Tue 12 Mar SPS110 16:00 Andy Morris postponed Kent
Tue 19 Mar SPS110? 16:00 Agata Rozek YORP effect on tumbling objects Kent
Tue 19 Mar RLT1 19:30 Seb Oliver Smoke Signals from the Distant Universe Sussex
Tue 26 Mar TBD 16:00 Nisha Ramkissoon Can impacts on Mars generate methane? Kent
Wed 27 Mar PSLT 14:00 Antonio
SCUBA-2 and the JCMT: a new facility for survey astronomy in the submillimetre Herts

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; Summer 2012

date location time   speaker   title   affiliation
Tue 08 May SPS110 16:00 Andy Morris TBA Kent
Wed 16 May SPS110 14:00 Matthew Bate Numerical simulations of star formation Exeter
Tue 22 May SPS110 16:00 Anne Buckner Short project talk Kent
Tue 29 May SPS110 14:00 Mikako Matsuura Herschel results, SN 1987A, and more. UCL
Wed 20 June SPS110 14:00 Aprajita Verma Rise of a Giant: The European Extremely Large Telescope University of Oxford
Tue 23 July SPS110 16:00 Froebrich/Smith Star Formation Workshop University of Kent
November SPS110 TBD Irakli Simonia (Comets) Tbilisi, Georgia

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; Autumn 2011 / Spring 2012

date location time   speaker   title   affiliation
Tue 24 Jan SPS110 16:00 Michael Smith Massive Stars Kent
Tue 31 Jan TBA 16:00 Tim Kinnear Kent
Tue 07 Feb TBA 16:00 Georgios Ioannides Kent
Tue 14 Feb SPS110 16:00 Paul Cornwall Kent
Tue 21 Feb SPS110 16:00 Serena Viti UCL
Tue 28 Feb TBA 16:00 --- Kent
Tue 06 Mar SPS110 16:00 Tim Kinnear Kent
Tue 13 Mar SPS110 16:00 Phillip Cox Kent
Tue 20 Mar TBA 16:00 George Ioannidis Kent
Tue 27 Mar SPS110 16:00 Michael Knight Kent
Tue 03 Apr SPS110 16:00 Andy Morris Kent
Tue 08 May SPS110 16:00 Ryan Laird Kent

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; Autumn 2010 / Spring 2011

date location time   speaker   title   affiliation
Tue 05 Oct SPS110 16:00 Michael Smith Early Herschel results Kent
Tue 12 Oct SPS110 16:00 Duncan MacKay Interactions and Plans Kent
Tue 19 Oct SPS110 16:00 Dirk Froebrich UWISH2 Kent
Wed 20 Oct PSLT 14:00 John Richer Astronomy with ALMA Cambridge
Tue 26 Oct SPS110 16:00 Sam Duddy The Impact and Recovery of Asteroid 2008 TC3 Kent
Tue 02 Nov SPS110 16:00 ---
Tue 09 Nov SPS110 16:00 ---
Tue 16 Nov SPS110 16:00 Dirk Froebrich Old Star Clusters in the Milky Way Kent
Tue 23 Nov SPS110 16:00 Tim Kinnear Investigating the Effects of Cloud Geometry in Radiation Driven Implosion Kent
Tue 30 Nov SPS110 16:00 Georgios Ioannides POSTPONED Kent
Wed 01 Dec SPS110 16:00 Ofer Lahav Testing the Dark Energy Paradigm and Beyond UCL
Tue 07 Dec SPS110 16:00 Jonathan Rowles The Structure of Molecular Clouds Kent
Tue 14 Dec SPS110 16:00 Georgios Ioannides UWISH2 - Data analysis and projects Kent
Tue 18 Jan SPS110 16:00 General Meeting Kent
Wed 26 Jan PSLT 14:00 Gary Fuller Peering into the Dark Jodrell Bank, Manchester
Tue 01 Feb SPS110 16:00 Paul Cornwall Postponed Kent
Tue 01 Feb Rutherford RLT1 19:30 Ofer Lahav Testing the Dark Energy Paradigm and Beyond UCL, London
Tue 08 Feb SPS110 16:00 Philip Cox SPH simulations of photoevaporation of molecular clouds Kent
Tue 15 Feb SPS110 16:00 No meeting
Tue 22 Feb SPS110 16:00 Paul Cornwall Kent
Wed 23 Feb PSLT 15:30 Koji Sugitani Near-infrared Imaging Polarimetry in Astronomy Nagoya, Japan
Tue 01 March SPS110 16:00 -- Jets Kent
Tue 08 March SPS110 16:00 Michael Smith Cosmic Visions Kent
Tue 15 March SPS110 16:00 Jingqi Miao Kent
Tue 22 March SPS110 16:00 Michael Knight Kent
Tue 29 March SPS110 16:00 Andy Morris Kent
Tue 05 April SPS110 16:00 Stephen Lowry Kent

CAPS Seminars & Colloquia; Autumn 2009 / Spring 2010

date location time   speaker   title   affiliation
Tue 29 Sep SPS110 16:00 Michael Smith CAPS Annual Meeting + induction Kent
Tue 06 Oct SPS110 16:00 Mark Price The SEPnet Cluster Kent
Tue 13 Oct SPS110 16:00 Tim Kinnear Gaseous & dust discs around white dwarfs Kent
Tue 20 Oct SPS110 16:00 Georgios Ioannidas Proper Motions of dwarf stars Kent
Wed 21 Oct PSLT1 14:00 Alejo Martinez-Sansigre Some observational constraints on the spin of supermassive black holes Oxford
Tue 27 Oct SPS110 16:00 Panel Astro-Forum Kent
Tue 03 Nov SPS110 16:00 Dirk Froebrich The Structure of Molecular Clouds Kent
Tue 10 Nov SPS110 16:00 Michael Knight Kent
Wed 11 Nov SPS110 16:00 Carl Murray QMUL
Thu 12 Nov Grimond 19:00 Smith + panel Inaugural Lecture + Forum
Tue 17 Nov SPS110 16:00 Matt Jarvis? The evolution of AGN over cosmic time: Current status and future prospects Uni. Herts.
Tue 24 Nov SPS110 16:00 Steve Fendyke Research plans
Tue 01 Dec SPS110 16:00 Ryan Laird TBA Kent
Wed 02 Dec SPS110 14:00 David Tsiklauri Missing pieces of the solar jigsaw puzzle
Tue 08 Dec SPS110 16:00 Michael Knight Simulations of Jets
Tue 08 Dec Eliot LT 19:30 Stephen Serjeant Cosmology (KPC/SEKAS event) Open University
Wed 09 Dec SPS110 14:00 Judith Croston Active Galaxies Southampton
Tue 15 Dec SPS110 16:00 Jonathan Rowles tba Kent
Wed 16 Dec SPS110 14:00 Simon Goodwin Star Formation Sheffield
Tue 19 Jan SPS110 16:00 no meeting
Tue 26 Jan SPS110 16:00 no meeting
Tue 02 Feb SPS110 16:00 Craig Agnor Planetary Migration in the Solar System QMUL
Tue 09 Feb SPS110 16:00 Katerina Miljkovic UCL
Wed 10 Feb SPS110 14:00 Stephen Lowry Observational Detections of the Asteroidal YORP Effecti> Kent
Tue 16 Feb SPS110 16:00 Mark Burchell Panspermia perspectives Kent
Tue 23 Feb ??? 16:00 Kieran Forde Planetary Nebula Univ. Herts
Tue 2 March no meeting 16:00 ?
Tue 9 March SPS110 16:00 Phillip Cox
Tue 16 March SPS110 16:00 Adam Nixon
Wed 17 March SPS110 14:00 Anthony Whitworth Contagious Star Formation Cardiff
Tue 23 March open 16:00 Paul Cornwall
Tue 30 March open 16:00 ?