Refereed Papers by CAPS Members in 2008

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23 Ghosh, S.; Froebrich, D.; Freitas, A.
12/2008, ApOpt, 47, 6904
Robust autonomous detection of the defective pixels in detectors using a probabilistic technique
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22Lucas, P. W.; Hoare, M. G.; Longmore, A.; Schröder, A. C.; Davis, C. J.; Adamson, A.; Bandyopadhyay, R. M.; de Grijs, R.; Smith, M.; Gosling, A.; and 21 coauthors
11/2008, MNRAS, 391, 136
The UKIDSS Galactic Plane Survey
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21Froebrich, D.; Meusinger, H.; Scholz, A.
11/2008, MNRAS, 390, 1598
NTT follow-up observations of star cluster candidates from the FSR catalogue
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
20Kraus, S.; Hofmann, K.-H.; Benisty, M.; Berger, J.-P.; Chesneau, O.; Isella, A.; Malbet, F.; Meilland, A.; Nardetto, N.; Natta, A.; and 7 coauthors (incl. Smith, M.)
10/2008, A&A, 489, 1157
The origin of hydrogen line emission for five Herbig Ae/Be stars spatially resolved by VLTI/AMBER spectro-interferometry
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19Westphal, A. J.; Allen, C.; Bajt, S.; Bastien, R.; Bechtel, H. A.; Bleuet, P.; Borg, J.; Brenker, F.; Bridges, J.; Brownlee, D. E.; and 36 coauthors (incl. Burchell, M. J.)
08/2008, M&PSA, 43, 5305
Stardust Interstellar Preliminary Examination - First Results
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
18Davis, C. J.; Scholz, P.; Lucas, P.; Smith, M. D.; Adamson, A.
07/2008, MNRAS, 387, 954
A shallow though extensive H2 2.122μm imaging survey of Taurus-Auriga-Perseus - I. NGC 1333, L1455, L1448 and B1
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
17Caratti O Garatti, A.; Froebrich, D.; Eislöffel, J.; Giannini, T.; Nisini, B.
07/2008, A&A, 485, 137
Molecular jets driven by high-mass protostars: a detailed study of the IRAS 20126+4104 jet
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
16Moraghan, A.; Smith, M. D.; Rosen, A.
06/2008, MNRAS, 386, 2091
The influence of the environment on the propagation of protostellar outflows
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
15Leliwa-Kopystynski, J.; Burchell, M. J.; Lowen, D.
06/2008, Icar, 195, 817
Impact cratering and break up of the small bodies of the Solar System
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
14Li, J. Z.; Smith, M. D.; Gredel, R.; Davis, C. J.; Rector, T. A.
06/2008, ApJ, 679, 101
The Rosette Eye: The Key Transition Phase in the Birth of a Massive Star
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
13Giannini, T.; Calzoletti, L.; Nisini, B.; Davis, C. J.; Eislöffel, J.; Smith, M. D.
04/2008, A&A, 481, 123
Near-infrared, IFU spectroscopy unravels the bow-shock HH99B
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
12Westphal, A. J.; Bastien, R. K.; Borg, J.; Bridges, J.; Brownlee, D. E.; Burchell, M. J.; Cheng, A. F.; Clark, B. C.; Djouadi, Z.; Floss, C.; and 21 coauthors
02/2008, M&PS, 43, 415
Discovery of non-random spatial distribution of impacts in the Stardust cometary collector
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
11Burchell, M. J.; Foster, N. J.; Kearsley, A. T.; Creighton, J. A.
02/2008, M&PS, 43, 135
Identification of mineral impactors in hypervelocity impact craters in aluminum by Raman spectroscopy of residues
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
10Marcus, M. A.; Fakra, S.; Westphal, A. J.; Snead, C. J.; Keller, L. P.; Kearsley, A.; Burchell, M. J.
02/2008, M&PS, 43, 87
Smelting of Fe-bearing glass during hypervelocity capture in aerogel
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
9Trigo-Rodríguez, J. M.; Domínguez, G.; Burchell, M. J.; Hörz, F.; Llorca, J.
02/2008, M&PS, 43, 75
Bulbous tracks arising from hypervelocity capture in aerogel
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
8Kearsley, A. T.; Borg, J.; Graham, G. A.; Burchell, M. J.; Cole, M. J.; Leroux, H.; Bridges, J. C.; Hörz, F.; Wozniakiewicz, P. J.; Bland, P. A.; and 12 coauthors
02/2008, M&PS, 43, 41
Dust from comet Wild 2: Interpreting particle size, shape, structure, and composition from impact features on the Stardust aluminum foils
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
7Burchell, M. J.; Fairey, S. A. J.; Wozniakiewicz, P.; Brownlee, D. E.; Hörz, F.; Kearsley, A. T.; See, T. H.; Tsou, P.; Westphal, A.; Green, S. F.; and 2 coauthors
02/2008, M&PS, 43, 23
Characteristics of cometary dust tracks in Stardust aerogel and laboratory calibrations
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
6Froebrich, D.; Meusinger, H.; Davis, C. J.
01/2008, MNRAS, 383, 45
FSR0190: another old distant Galactic cluster
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
5Ishii, Hope A.; Bradley, John P.; Dai, Zu Rong; Chi, Miaofang; Kearsley, Anton T.; Burchell, Mark J.; Browning, Nigel D.; Molster, Frank
01/2008, Science, 319, 447
Comparison of Comet 81P/Wild 2 Dust with Interplanetary Dust from Comets
Not Yet Available Not Yet Available
4Milner, D.J.; Baldwin, E.C.; Burchell, M.J.
2008, M&PS, 43, 2015
Laboratory investigations of marine impact events: Factors influencing crater formation and projectile survivability
3Kearsley, A.T.; Graham, G.A.; Burchell, M.J.; Cole, M.J.; Wozniakiewicz, P.; Teslich, N.; Bringa, E.; Hörz, F.; Blüm; Poppe, T.
2008, IJIE, 35, 1616
Micro-craters in Aluminium Foils on NASA's Stardust Spacecraft: Implications for dust microparticles emanating from Comet Wild2
2Tsembelis, K.; Burchell, M.J.; Cole, M.J.; Margaritis, N.
2008, IJIE, 35, 1368
Residual Temperature Measurements of Light Flash Under Hypervelocity Impact
1Bowden, S.A.; Court, R.W.; Milner, D.; Baldwin, E.; Lindgren, P.; Crawford, I.; Parnell, J.; Burchell, M.J.
2008, JA&AP, 82, 312
The thermal alteration by pyrolysis of the organic component of small projectiles of mudrock during capture at hypervelocity

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