Refereed Papers by CAPS Members in 2007

  • Davis, C. J.; Kumar, M. S. N.; Sandell, G.; Froebrich, D.; Smith, M. D. ; Currie, M. J. 2007,
    WFCAM, Spitzer-IRAC and SCUBA observations of the massive star forming region DR21/W75: I. The collimated molecular jets,
  • Froebrich, D., Murphy, G.C., Smith, M.D., Walsh, J., del Burgo, C.
    A large scale extinction map of the Galactic Anticenter from 2MASS
    2007 MNRAS,378, 1447
  • Kumar, M. S. N.; Davis, C. J.; Grave, J. M. C.; Ferreira, B.; Froebrich, D. 2007,
    ``WFCAM, Spitzer/IRAC and SCUBA observations of the massive star-forming region DR21/W75 - II. Stellar content and star formation'',
  • Kearsley, Anton T.; Graham, Giles A.; Burchell, Mark J.; Cole, Michael J.; Dai, Zu Rong; Teslich, Nicholas; Bradley, John P.; Chater, Richard; Wozniakiewicz, Penelope A.; Spratt, John; Jones, Gary 2007
    Analytical scanning and transmission electron microscopy of laboratory impacts on Stardust aluminum foils: Interpreting impact crater morphology and the composition of impact residues
  • Froebrich, D. , Scholz, A., Raftery, C.L., 2007
    A systematic survey for infrared star clusters with |b|<20deg using 2MASS
    MNRAS, 374, 399
  • Li, Jin Zeng; Smith, Michael D. 2007
    Triggered cluster formation in the RMC
  • Hwang, Ho Seong; Serjeant , Stephen; Lee, Myung Gyoon; Lee, Kang Hwan; White, Glenn J. 2007
    The ultraluminous and hyperluminous infrared galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, 2dF Galaxy Redshift Survey and 6dF Galaxy Survey
  • Froebrich, D.; Meusinger, H.; Scholz, A. 2007
    FSR1735 - a new globular cluster candidate in the inner Galaxy
  • Kearsley, A. T.; Graham, G. A.; McDonnell, J. A. M.; Taylor, E. A.; Drolshagen, G.; Chater, R. J.; McPhail, D.; Burchell, M. J. 2007
    The chemical composition of micrometeoroids impacting upon the solar arrays of the Hubble Space Telescope
    2007AdSpR..39..590K (Advances in Space Research, Volume 39, Issue 4, p. 590-604)
  • Smith, M. D.; O'Connell, B.; Davis, C. J. 2007
    The excitation within the molecular hydrogen jets of the protostellar outflow HH 212
  • McGroarty, F.; Ray, T. P.; Froebrich, D. 2007
    Proper motion studies of outflows from Classical T Tauri stars
  • Smith, Michael D.; Rosen, Alexander 2007
    Hydrodynamic simulations of rotating molecular jets
  • Hai Li; Mark C. Price ; Jonathan Stott; Ian W. Marshall. (accepted) 2007
    The development of a wireless sensor network sensing node utilising adaptive self diagnostics.
    (to be published in) Lecture Notes in Computer Science (2007) [Springer]
  • Aretxaga, I., et al., includes Mortier, A. 2007
    The SCUBA Half Degree Extragalactic Survey - IV. Radio-mm-FIR photometric redshifts
  • Movsessian, T. A.; Magakian, T. Yu.; Bally, J.; Smith, M. D.; Moiseev, A. V.; Dodonov, S. N. 2007
    Herbig-Haro jets in 3D: the HL/XZ Tauri region
  • Matsuura, M.; Speck, A.K.; Smith, M. D.; Zijlstra, A.A.; Viti, S.; Lowe, K.T.E.; Redman, M.; Wareing, C.J.; Lagadec, E. 2007
    VLT/near-infrared integral field spectrometer observations of molecular hydrogen lines in the knots of the planetary nebula NGC 7293 (the Helix Nebula)
  • Ahmic, M.; Jayawardhana, R.; Brandeker, A.; Scholz, A.; van Kerkwijk, M. H.; Delgado-Donate, E.; Froebrich, D. 2007
    Multiplicity among Young Brown Dwarfs and Very Low Mass Stars
  • Takagi, T.; Mortier, A.M.J. ; et al. 2007
    The SCUBA HAlf Degree Extragalactic Survey (SHADES) - V. Submillimetre properties of near-infrared-selected galaxies in the Subaru/XMM -Newton deep field
  • Noguchi T., Nakamura T., Okudaira K., Yano H., Sugita S., Burchell M.J. 2007
    Thermal alteration of hydrated minerals during hypervelocity capture to silica aerogel at the flyby speed of STARDUST.
    Meteoritics and Planetary Science 42, 357-372