Observational data of protostars

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This Webpage hosts and collects observational data of protostars. Eventually this should include broad band photometry, broad band mapping of the envelopes, line observations of the envelopes, polarimetry, and observations of the associated outflows. This data will be used in order to study the properties of these objects on a statistical basis.

As a first step we provide here the broad band photometry for 203 candidate Class0 sources. A tool will be added that allows determination of the bolometric temperature and luminosity depending on the data one wants to use. In the future users will have the possibility of updating the database themselves by a web interface (after registering) or by email (df @ star.kent.ac.uk), in order to allow an as fast as possible growth in the available data. We are defining at the moment the possible content, layout, and timeline for this database. Hence, if you have suggestions, corrections, remarks, etc., please do not hesitate to email the webmaster of this page (df @ star.kent.ac.uk).

If this webpage was usefull for your research, please cite the original paper (Froebrich 2005), and/or include the following acknowledgement in any published material: This publication makes use of the Protostars Webpage hosted by the Centre for Astrophysics and Planetary Science at the University of Kent.

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