The Kent Skies: Astronomical Activity in Kent

What's up? In the sky tonight:

Satellite, Planet, Star or Comet? - The Heavens Above Canterbury.

If you would like to participate:

- South East Kent Astronomical Society .

- The Simon Langton Star Centre .

Througout Kent .......... SEKAS , MKAS , or CMHAS , or Orpington ....... for contact to local astronomical societies

Curious? If you see something in the Kent skies which you think is not normally there, check the following links for potential satellites, planets, flares, odd weather, aurorae, supernovae or wars. If it's not described here, then begin to imagine.

Satellite, Planet, Star or Comet? - The Heavens Above Canterbury.

The Heavens Above any other location including a FAQ

Was it Spaceweather? or a gust of solar wind?

Was it a meteor? Look at the meteor shower calendar

Was it a fireball?

Was it a passing rock? A Near Earth Object?

Was it an official Near Earth Object?

Volcanic ash warnings ...who's been smoking?

Significant Events ...fires, dust storms, cyclones.

Was it an Aurora? This site includes a guide to aurorae

The tides in Kent ....a gigantic wave?

Geomagnetic conditions from the Australian Space Forecast Centre

Is our Sun behaving? Sunspots and solar storms including geomagnetic activity and forecast .

Was it loaded? Listen for the noise when it lands. Then compare the shape to known missiles.

Balloons, lanterns, disco laser displays..... ...all sorts of UFOs

Warning: The University of Kent cannot take responsibility for the contents or accuracy of the information on the links suggested above which could be updated with unsuitable material on a daily basis.
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