School of Physical Sciences, University of Kent, Canterbury



We are now recruiting for the 2017 EuroMasters.

Euromasters provides a strong bridge between a taught degree and knowledge of research techniques. It makes physics undergraduates with a bachelor's degree competitive for quality jobs and PhD programmes at top Universities such as Imperial College. For overseas students, it delivers a masters at the same level as the best European universities. It provides the opportunity to develop talents related to the forefront of physics.
When applying, look for
EuroMasters in Physics - MSc Taught

The Cost: Annual tuition fees are £4,340, less than half annual fee for standard undergraduate taught. Further reductions might be made to encourage Kent undergraduates to continue their studeis.

Note the following programme of 8 Modules for students starting in 2017:
PH709 - Space Science & Exoplanets
PH711 - Rocketry & Human Space Flight
PH712 - Interstellar Medium & Cosmology
PH722 - Particle & Quantum Physics
PH751 - Research Review
PH752 - Magnetism and Superconductivity
PS700 - Physical Sciences Research Planning
PS701 - Functional Materials