SEPnet Astro also incorporates teaching expertise at graduate/postgraduate level level. The following is a list of graduate courses taught at the member research institutions. It is envisaged that joint courses will be set up between the partner institutions and offered to graduate students.

Kent: Galactic Astronomy, Solar and Planetary Systems

List of Physics courses
List of Astronomy modules

Oxford: Cosmology, Galaxies, Stars, and the spaces inbetween

Astrophysics teaching
Physics teaching

Portsmouth: Observational and extragalactic astronomy, theoretical cosmology and general relativity.

List of taught graduate courses

QMUL: Cosmology, Stars, Planetary Systems, Space

Postgraduate teaching modules

Southampton: High Energy Astrophysics, Galaxies, Stars

Soton undergraduate teaching
Soton advanced courses

Sussex: Cosmology, Galaxies

Physics courses (Scroll down to see Master level courses)

If you have any comments regarding SEPnet Astro, please contact Prof. Michael Smith at Kent who is the present Chair of the SEPnet Astro Management Committee.

Or contact the Kent astrophysics group webmaster.