SEPnet Capabilities: the kit


SEPnet hosts a vast range of facilities for research and development. Besides most state-of-the-art microscopes and spectrometers, there are supercomputers, hypervelocity guns, lasers etc. According to new regulations, it may be possible to share without VAT costs internal to the Network.

Whether a local enterprise or a researcher, inspect the SEPnet Physics Kit 2012 to find out what you need. Then, contact the corresponding School or Centre to determine the detailed specifications and availablity. Much of the kit is available for commissioned studies or hire. If in doubt, please contact us with the information provided in the document.

Note that this list will never be completely accurate - equipment is continuously being updated or decommissioned. So please ask - we can contact the entire Network concerning specific items or services.

SEPnet Physics: The Full Kit List

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Astro Facilities

If you have any comments regarding SEPnet Research, please contact Prof. Michael Smith at Kent who is the present Director of SEPnet Research.

Or contact the Kent astrophysics group webmaster.