SEPnet (South-East Physics network) is a collaboration of physics departments in the South-East of England dedicated to supporting and improving physics education, research, outreach and employability. Within this network, SEPnet-Astro is a large collaboration of astrophysicists at the Universities of Kent, Oxford, Portsmouth, Queen Mary University of London, Southampton and Sussex as well as the Rutherford Appleton Laboratory.

SEPnet-Astro exists to encourage and support coherent research across the South-East of England through the strategic investment in astronomy, astrophysics, space wcience and cosmology. Specifically, SEPnet-Astro has:

SEPnet has a strong and innovative programme for physics education and outreach across the region. This includes the creation of new EuroMasters course and a new PhD Graduate School. We will exploit advances in video conferencing to share existing resources as well as develop new material for students.

If you have any comments regarding SEPnet-Astro, please contact Dr. David Bacon from Portsmouth who is the present Chair of the SEPnet-Astro Steering/Management Committee.

Or contact the Kent astrophysics group webmaster.


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