The Beacon Observatory - Gallery

The gallery is divided in three part. Images of astronomical objects observed, science done (graphs and figures) and images of the telescope/observatory itself. Use the links on the left to switch between the different parts of the gallery.

20.07.2015: Last Nights Moon.

02.07.2015: Bubble Nebula -- NGC 7635.

02.07.2015: M81; B(5min)+Halpha(15min)+I(5min).

02.07.2015: First galaxy image. M82 in BRI; 5x1min in each filter.

02.07.2015: If you were wondering how the 21.8arcmin separation of Venus and Jupiter in our images compares to other objects: Here is the Moon shown at the same scale. Both images are taken with 1second integration time in the H-alpha filter. The Moon is displayed with a linear colour scaling, and the Venus/Jupiter image with a logarithmic scaling (hence the noise is visible).

01.07.2015: We caught Venus and Jupiter last night just 21.8arcmin from each other. This is a one second integration with the H-alpha filter, still saturating Venus. Seeing was very bad as the image was taken just a few degrees above the horizon.

30.06.2015: Last nights try of M57. This time with flats, darks and bias frames. Shown is the BVR composite with 5x1min exposures in each filter. Seeing about 2.5".

25.06.2015: The first two astronomical targets were observed with the new telescope. The left panel shows a BVR composite of the Globular Cluster M13. All colour chanels are exposed 5x1min. The right panel shows a BVH-alpha composite of the Ring Nebula M57. The BV images are exposed 2x1min and the H-alpha image 7x1min. The seeing in the images is about 3". No flatfield, dark and bias corrections have been made -- explaining most of the noise.

22.06.2015: Screenshot of the first light of the CCD camera during darkness. Globular Cluster M13.

22.06.2015: Screenshot of the first light of the CCD camera at 4:31pm on Monday 22.06.2015.